Our clients can use our resources to run their own virtual shop, their own global shop window. Have a dynamic and practical online platform for a small monthly sum. It is no longer necessary to be a computer expert, nor do you need to invest large amounts of money in order to have access to a website with which you can increase sales.


  • Have access to our extensive product catalogue.
  • Design and personalise your own page and content.
  • Define your own pricing policy by being able to create client groups with special discounts.
  • Configure your desired payment methods.
  • Configure the logistical costs associated with shipping to different regions.
  • Once you have received an order, you can either forward it to Comercial del Sur de Papelería, S.L., or ship it directly yourself.
  • Hide certain prices and products for a specific client group.
  • Carry out tariff searches and export them into an Excel file.
  • Export a file in Excel format containing a client group's products and edit the prices and profit margins to ultimately upload it onto the website.
  • Import prices and profit margins into the shop from an exported Excel file or template.
  • Incorporate your own products by importing from an Excel template.
  • Export your client lists into an Excel file in order to have an overall view of them and their group classification.
  • Export Excel price reports that include product bar codes.
  • Have access to statistical information in order to view information about your website.
  • Add comments to the processing of an order on behalf of the client so that you receive them on your system.
  • Introduce the possibility of including multiple addresses for the client.
  • Modify client details (creating or changing password, tax data, addresses, etc.).
  • Include a generic Minimum Order and Minimum Order Cost on the E-Shop, or, if you wish, specify different rates for each client.
  • Choose whether or not you want to hide product discounts.
  • Choose whether or not to show product stocks to the final clients.
  • Specify the final client's telephone number on the delivery note in case the carrier should need to contact the client for any reason.
  • Personalise the delivery notes with your company's logo.
  • Minipicking: you can easily offer this service to certain client groups.

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