Our marketing department makes all catalogues and brochures available to our clients so that they can display a wide range of products.


We have more and more ways of keeping you informed about our range of products:

  • Comprehensive Catalogue: more than 700 pages that include more than 12,000 products. Updated annually.
  • Comprehensive Catalogue in Portuguese: our Portuguese market enjoys the wonders of our Comprehensive Catalogue in their own language.
  • Comprehensive Catalogue in Catalan: we are pioneers in the translation of our Comprehensive Catalogue into other official Spanish languages.
  • Liderpapel brand's Catalogue: the only edition that displays the full range of our own brand, which stands out for its high-quality and detailed presentation.
  • Liderpapel Teaching Guide.
  • Monographic leaflets.
  • Monthly Offers leaflets. 

    Comprehensive Catalogue

    +700 pages 12.000 SKUs

    Comprehensive Catalogue in Portuguese

    +700 pages 12.000 SKUs

    Comprehensive Catalogue in Catalan

    +700 pages 12.000 SKUs

    Liderpapel Teaching Guide

    152 pages 1199 SKUs

    Monographic leaflets

    20-50 pages 100-150 SKUs

    Monthly Offers Leaflet

    4 pages 100-200 SKUs

    Futhermore,  CSP supports the best brands of stationary references and office supply products by advertising actions through serveral communication channels, from the most traditional ones (as magazines) till the most trendy ones (as social media even microsites).



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