The advantageous conditions offered will allow you to have access to all kinds of company catalogues and tools so that you can easily reach your client and display a wide range of products under your own identity. Furthermore, with the E-versions you will easily be able to personalise your public sales prices.

We offer you the following personalised suggestions:

Comprehensive Office Catalogue: By having your own front cover, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors while maintaining all the benefits of our Comprehensive Catalogue.

Comprehensive Office Catalogue in Portuguese.

Comprehensive Office Catalogue in Catalan.

VIP Office Catalogue: As well as the front cover, the inside is different to the standard format. For those who want something exclusive.

Lideroffice: 5 annual editions with prices for your client (Special Savings, Comprehensive Equipment, Mini Catalogue, Christmas and Archive).

Back-to-School Brochures: More than 120 top sales school products with end consumer prices (including VAT) and offering the possibility of cutomize the cover with your data.

Monographic leaflets about our exclusive brands of stationary and office products.

Digital versions of catalogues and leaflets: They offers you the possibility to edit prices and get immediate sales.


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