Antartik is the range of articles Liderpapel which has the most important media impact and supreme quality. Bright colors and unique design, rather than paper products, these items are fashion accessories.

Antartik is trending topic and it has had immediately effect in social networks. Antartik has its own official profile on Instagram and, as Liderpapel brand, it has more than 17,000 followers on Facebook already

In addition, during the Back to School campaign, antartik starts in a spot which has been made by one of the most important advertising agencies internationally. This ad attracts younger and elder adults because of its color, music and attractiveness. Same thing goes for its microsite! is the website where the user can find out the antartik that best defines his way of being.

Notebooks, folders, and more to come! The antartik world grows unstoppably in 10 suggestive colors that leave no one indifferent. On social networks, opinion leaders (who are known as influencers) have not been able to resist its charms and they are authors of the 2016 campaign of antartik on Instagram and Youtube, because #antartikDiceMuchoDeTi

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