STETRO’s special school year campaign 2014-2015

The brand invites to attend the children in the creative and educational quiz "What do you want to be?"

For the new school year 2014-2015, the colorful STETRO adapters come to the market. Presented in pack of 2 units (Ref. 74268) into an original and compact box, these adapters for writing are a convenient tool to help catch the pencil correctly, especially at the stage of initiation of the children.

They are useful for both graphite lead pencils to digital pens. They are manufactured in a flexible and pleasant to the touch material. Moreover, they are available in 4 bright fluorescent colors (red, yellow, blue and green). Because good habits in writing facilitates good calligraphy, and this is not achieved without good fine motor control; STETRO is provided for reference to help in this aspect and retrain in placing fingers when typing.


In addition, STETRO invited to attend the children in the creative and educational contest "What do you want to be?" A contest where students between 3 and 7 years will have to test their imagination, perform

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