In its ongoing commitment to providing the best service to its customers, CSP has recently implemented new improvements in e-commerce platforms.

New B2C designs

CSP customers, who want to have their own online store, can create and personalize it with the new design templates available. They can include their corporate image and the features that best suit their target. It is a simple and safe way to get their virtual storefront.

Their online store will be viewable from any device (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.) because CSP makes its implementation in HTML 5. It will also be linkable with social networks of their choice. So the CSP customers will have this innovative tool to retain customers and attract new ones.

For more information about CSP e-commerce: soporte@liderpapel.com

Progress in B2B

CSP customers enjoy for years the convenience of ordering from anywhere and anytime. The website of CSP has been rated as the best in the sector according to a study by the prestigious Nielsen consultant company. It is due to the CSP constant commitment to innovation. In order to improve this successful online service,  CSP has added important new features like: the implementation of more advanced filters in the search engine to perform searches and obtain more accurate results; updating pictures and product sheets with more extended information; improving the tracking and monitoring of orders with the possibility to add a comment to delivery note; the option to view, add and cancel the outstanding references from previous orders; and even access to a new category Outlet products at very competitive prices.

CSP, recognizing the growing importance of the online world, continue working and investing in improvements like these to help their clients sell more.

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