Carlos BENAVIDES and Rafael BENAVIDES, Administrators of the Spanish Group COMERCIAL DEL SUR and Roberto FRATES General Director of the group, join Romain ZWILLER and Gérard MIKAELIAN, Directors of SHN, to announce the completion of an operation.

INFORMATIVE NOTE, March 25, 2019.
Carlos BENAVIDES and Rafael BENAVIDES, Administrators of the Spanish Group COMERCIAL DEL SUR and Roberto FRATES General Director of the group, join Romain ZWILLER and Gérard MIKAELIAN, Directors of SHN, to announce the completion of an operation with effect from April 1, 2019 of your activities.
After the acquisition in May 2015 of the assets of RP DIFFUSION and the ROUGE PAPIER franchise, the Spanish Group continues its growth and strengthens its presence in France through the acquisition of SHN's activities and the rights of the company HYPERBURO on the French territory.
This operation, in which the five managers of the two groups have worked for several months, materializes with the partial transfer of the goodwill and the activities of the company SHN for the benefit of the company CS COMLANDI, the French subsidiary of the Spanish group. This assignment also includes a License Contract for the HYPERBURO Brand that gives CS COMLANDI the exploitation of the latter, with the option of a final purchase after 4 years have elapsed.
In accordance with the agreement, the HYPERBURO Concessionaires will change the Grantor, specifying that CS COMLANDI is contractually committed to continue, and to improve the policy of animation, management and supply, as well as the communication as defined by SHN, in accordance with the stipulations of the Concessionaires. of the network HYPERBURO, and to guarantee the continuity of all the services established by SHN, to which, from now on, the services offered by the integrated wholesale platform will be added.
This union represents a milestone in the panorama of our profession. The new group, adding the strong presence of COMERCIAL DEL SUR in Spain and Portugal (€ 75 million), acquires an indisputable national coverage in France and overseas. Recall that CS COMLANDI already owns and manages the network of stationary shops ROUGE PAPIER, composed of 350 Adherents distributed throughout the territory.
This union also contributes to significantly improve the weight and market share of both players. The 48 Concessionaires of the company HYPERBURO, distributed in 55 points of sale, generate sales of around 60 million euros and have a purchase potential of 35 million euros. CS COMLANDI has a logistics tool of 13,000 m2 and a permanent stock of almost 5 million euros with its two platforms in Normandy and Rhônes-Alpes. CS COMLANDI has the capacity to deliver throughout the country in 24 hours and offers special delivery services or direct shipments to its customers. Its National Wholesale Sales Volume has exceeded 30 million euros, with a potential purchase of around 25 million euros.
According to Roberto FRATES, actor in this operation that he initiated from the beginning with his interlocutor Gérard MIKAELIAN, SHN transmits a very advanced technical knowledge in the field of the management of banners and distribution networks. CS COMLANDI makes sure to quickly acquire this knowledge and optimize it in the management and animation of its two banners. This transfer will be even easier when all SHN employees are integrated into the new company and the SHN offices in Fontenay-sous-Bois (Paris) become the French headquarters of the Spanish group. The two brands HYPERBURO and ROUGE PAPIER are very different in terms of concept and competence. CS COMLANDI will provide the HYPERBURO dealerships with additional wholesaler services while maintaining agreements with direct suppliers, and there are many synergies in communication and marketing that will significantly improve the commercial strategies of the networks, also hoping to develop our cooperation with the suppliers.
Romain ZWILLER, President and main shareholder of SHN, also protagonist of the success of the operation, adds: "The growth of our HYPERBURO network, (especially external by the successive acquisition of the BUROSTORE and BUROCENTER networks) allowed us to maintain our brand as a representative actor of the market, and our general volume of purchases from reference suppliers has increased steadily, from 17 million euros in 2015 to 23 million euros in 2018. However, taking into account the fragile configuration of our sector, we have thought that the best opportunity to develop our brand and consolidate the business of our customers-dealers, would be to associate it with a wholesale industrial group that will benefit from the tools and means to ensure this essential and vital growth for our companies. COMERCIAL DEL SUR group, Spanish wholesaler and manufacturer, which as you know, created a subsidiary French (CS COMLANDI) after the purchase of RP DIFFUSION.
The professionalism, the seriousness and the solvency of this group convinced us to work in the approach of our structures »
As for Carlos and Rafael BENAVIDES, they are delighted to see how their family group achieves a spectacular growth increase with this operation, and today they lead a European-sized manufacturing and distribution structure that will make more than 150 million euros in business volume in the coming years. They insist on the policy of Brand Management (Liderpapel, Antartik, Q connect, Belius, Rouge-Papier) historical in the group and consolidated today with the arrival of HYPERBURO. "We thank all those involved in this operation, in particular Romain, Gérard and Roberto, who did an exceptional job to reach this agreement, which marks a historic milestone for our Group. We welcome the SHN collaborators who will contribute their knowledge and the HYPERBURO dealerships to whom we assure our dedication in the future and, of course, we are also confident to welcome the new dealers that will join our Teachings in the coming months or years, and we are very aware of all our Suppliers and Borrowers. of services and all the collaborators of our group, who will be delighted as we are of this good news ".
Surely the panorama of our sector in France takes a new configuration with this approach. To continue!...

Roberto FRATES

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