The new company with which Commercial del Sur Group will operate in France has just been born: COMLANDI

Comercial del Sur Group also acquired stationery chain Rouge Papier.

The business tribunal of the city of Bobigny (France) awarded Comercial del Sur de Papelería, S.L., member of the European Alliance INTERACTION, the necessary assets for the continuity of RP Diffusion's business activity in the French market.

RP Diffusion was a wholesaler and distributor of office supplies, paper, and school supplies, with sales of 41 million euros in 2014. The new company, COMLANDI, will operate from two distribution centers in the cities of Caudebec (120 km from Paris) and Saint Quentin (Lyon), and will have its general offices in Noisy le Grand in the city of Paris. The staff will consist of 96 employees in France.

RP Diffusion was an associated member of the INTERACTION group and is a distributor of Q-Connect products in France. COMLANDI will continue with this activity.

The group Comercial del Sur will thereby acquire all of its clientele, the Rouge Papier stationary chain, which possesses a big market penetration and prestige in the French market, enjoying a network of 500 associates, to which the new company will lend all of its aid and support in order to provide them with a significant boost.

This operation means a decisive and crucial step in Comercial del Sur group's international evolution and represents many opportunities for clients and providers. With this acquisition, new synergies are being created between both companies which will result in a strong reinforcement of the group, and will signify the considerable challenge of taking on the future with greater guarantees and opportunities.

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