Opening new Cash & Carry in Valencia

It is the fifth company establishment dedicated to the exclusive sale to stationery and companies nationwide

Last July 18, Comercial de Sur de Papelería opened a new center Cash&Carry in Valencia. This new establishment sells only stationery and adds to the fourth one, which has been opened last May in Seville by the company .Thus, CSP expands its presence in the Peninsula.

The inaugural event began about 21:00h and it was developed in the outdoor center, where attendees, many customers and suppliers, company General Managers and personnel, visited the new Cash&Carry.

After knowing the great facilities of approximately 1,000m2 and seeing directly over 5,000 products there, Mr. Rafael Benavides addressed the guests expressing the importance of timing and emotion of this opening, as well as his appreciation for the assistance and confidence in the company over the years.

Then all present enjoyed a fabulous cocktail of local cuisine in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, lasting until midnight.

Located in the town of Sedaví, this new Cash&Carry reaffirms the great Comercial del Sur de Papelería career of over 55 years and its position as one of the leading companies manufacturing and distribution of stationery and office products on the mainland and the European continent. This is also an example of the intention of the company to always offer the best service to its customers.

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